Are You Thinking of Hiring a Caterer for Your Next Event?

We know just what to look for when it comes to catering your wedding or event. At Peter and Pauls EventCatering we are well versed in the area of food and hospitality. Are you looking for a caterer to cater your next wedding or event? Don’t know where to start? We want to help! We’ve put together a list of the 10 top questions to ask your potential caterer to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for!

  1. What’s your signature?

      Each caterer has a signature cuisine type that they have tried and perfected.  Having this be in line with your cuisine of choice can make all the difference in presentation and taste.

  2. Are you licensed?

     This would mean that the caterer has met local health department standards and carries liability insurance.  Since you’re on the subject, make sure they also have their liquor license if they will be providing alcohol.

  3. What can you do for guests with allergies and dietary restrictions?

     Special diets like kosher, vegan, or gluten free can be really important to guests.  Finding out if your caterer can accommodate these requests can be very important to the comfort of your guests.

  4. Which rentals does your proposal include?

     Covering all your bases when it comes to cost can save your budget.  Finding out whether or not their will be extra costs outside of the price per person can save you from any surprises when the bill comes.

  5. What services are included?

     What is included in the price per person? Is it just food and beverages or does this cost include servers, linens, event setup and teardown.  These are all things to consider depending on the style of wedding you’d like to have.

  6. What is the server-to-guest ratio?

     Determining this ratio will most likely determine how fast guests will get their meals. As a result this will determine the type of service they will be receiving.  It is best to find out how many servers is included in the price per person and the cost for extra servers.

  7. How many events will you cater on my wedding/event day?

     Typically, the fewer events booked on your day, the more personal your service will be. That being said, this may not affect you. With larger companies, they are substantial enough to distribute their staff evenly across multiple events.  In the end, it is whatever you and your partner feel comfortable with.

  8. Are you flexible on your menu?

    This is important to consider if you are looking for a particular family recipe or cultural dish that you’d like to be apart of your day.  Some caterers will work with you in creating a custom menu to fit your needs. Other caterers prefer to work with their own specialties to create your menu.

  9. Consider the timing of events (i.e. ceremony, cocktail hour, etc.). What time will you arrive to begin setting up? 

    Finding out how long a caterer needs for setup can be crucial to your event.  Therefore, make sure their setup time is not disrupting any part of your event by keeping in mind when their service is required.

  10. Will I be able to have a menu tasting?

     You may have had the opportunity to taste this caterer’s food at a previous event and so you’re probably already familiar with their presentation style. You must never assume the tastings are included. Some caterers may include a limited number of tastings included so it’s best to ask upfront.

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